Version 6 LLC is the holding company for multiple brands including:

  • Viewyng – A video sharing website/ app.
  • Entertune – Music distribution company and soon to be record label.
  • True Median – Blog for the latest tech, sports, business, gaming and entertainment news.
  • Discovire – Music streaming platform for users to organize and listen to the latest and best music.
  • Valiep – An online Retail store that specializes in the sale of electronics such as tablets, phones¬† & accessories, video game consoles, smart watches etc.

We are committed to providing the best online services with the help of a hardworking team and dedicated individuals look to assist our clients.

We mainly focus on online media distribution and promotion. If you you interested in working with us, please visit our shop or be sure to contact with your business inquiries.

Team Members

Pacey Crypto
Pacey founded Version 6/ Stem Digital in 2015. Built an MCN with over 2 thousand partners and over 300 million monthly views. YouTuber for over 12 years and software developer for 2+ years. Cryptocurrency veteran promoting cryptocurrency on the YouTube channel PaceyCrypto as well as educating and giving advice to viewers. Founder of multiple websites and services such as,, and